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Climate Change and Biodiversity in

       Africa: protecting nature’s wealth

       for a sustainable future

       The Impact of Climate Change on     change impacts, reducing the risk of flooding
       African Biodiversity:               and soil erosion. Wetlands play a crucial role    “As the impacts of
       Africa’s rich biodiversity is facing an   in water purification and provide habitat for a
       unprecedented challenge as climate   wide array of species. Agricultural systems rely   climate change threaten
       change exerts its grip on the continent.   on pollinators, such as bees, to ensure crop   Africa’s rich biodiversity,
       The repercussions of climate change on   productivity. These ecosystem services, often   it is imperative that we
       biodiversity are far-reaching, impacting   taken for granted, underpin various economic
       ecosystems and species across Africa. In Egypt,   sectors, including agriculture, tourism and   recognize the ecological,
       farmers working the land along the Nile River   pharmaceuticals. Recognizing the economic   economic and cultural
       Delta are facing increasing hardship as rising   value of biodiversity highlights the imperative   significance of preserving
       sea levels cover the once fertile soil with sheets   of preserving and restoring ecosystems to
       of dried salt and consequently their crops   sustain these valuable services for present and   nature’s wealth. AMEA
       deteriorate from one year to the next. The   future generations.               Power’s commitment to
       United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on                                    biodiversity conservation,
       Climate Change has described the Nile Delta   Preserving Africa’s Biodiversity:
       as one of the world’s three most vulnerable   A Global Imperative                demonstrated through
       hotspots for climate change impacts, including   Preserving Africa’s biodiversity is a global   their Amunet project,
       rising sea levels. There are increasing concerns   imperative, given its ecological, economic and   serves as an inspiring
       that this threat might spread if urgent measures   cultural significance. Protecting biodiversity
       are not taken to combat the rising seawater.  is essential for maintaining ecological   example of how
                                           balance, sustaining livelihoods and ensuring   businesses can champion
       The Economic Value of Biodiversity    food security. By implementing sustainable       sustainability. By
       and Ecosystem Services:             practices, promoting conservation efforts
       Beyond its ecological significance, Africa’s   and supporting local communities, we can   embracing a holistic
       biodiversity holds immense economic value   safeguard Africa’s unique natural heritage.  approach that minimizes
       through the provision of ecosystem services.                                     ecological impacts and
       Forests contribute to carbon sequestration   As part of its goal to deliver clean energy
       and function as natural buffers against climate   access in emerging markets, AMEA Power   integrates biodiversity
                                                                                        considerations, we can
                                                                                           ensure a sustainable
                                                                                         future where Africa’s
                                                                                           biodiversity thrives,
                                                                                        benefiting both nature
                                                                                                and humanity”.

                                                                                                     Vito Saluto

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