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Cristal has more than 25 years of experience in TiO -based environmental catalysis,
being a leader in NOx and sulphur removal technologies since their inception, Cristal is a major titanium dioxide (TiO )
contributing to a cleaner world. Cristal’s ultrafne TiO CristalACTiV™ solutions are producer and a recognized leader in 2
used in several different catalytic platforms including extruded, coated and granulated
forms and can be found in installations across the globe. Ultrafne TiO -based products which
are at the core of environmental
These products are now widely used in the automotive industry around the world, and catalyst technologies. Cristal produces
catalysts based on Ultrafne TiO from companies like Cristal could be found in many CristalACTiV Ultrafne TiO for many
of the world’s most recognizable brands of trucks. catalyst applications, helping businesses
and cities meet stringent environmental
A secondary level of protection is delivered by the next generation of CristalACTiV™ regulations, improve air quality, and
photocatalysts that can be used in either paints and coatings alongside major roads reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses
or production facilities, or in the building materials themselves that harness the power related to air pollution.
of the sun to purify urban air. These materials neutralize harmful NOx components that
are already in the atmosphere by transforming them into harmless by-products that For more information visit our website:
can be washed away with the rain.

The good news is that regulations are tightening quickly to halt environmental
offenders. It’s time to make a responsible investment in environmental technologies –
before the lack of decision affects their ability to do business.


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