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What the perfect

          fit for the energy in

          Brazil looks like

          To put this article in context, it’s   The whole grid is owned by a governmental   Before 2012 the only way to monetize
          important to understand the       institution, but utility companies have   power plants was selling energy in a typical
          Brazilian electricity market. Our   a public grant to operate it, in many   PPA model in a free market. This regulation
          grid is almost fully integrated   established areas/states.          brought a new energy business model in
          across the whole country,                                            Brazil. If you are in the regulated market
          with utility companies divided    Usually, these utility companies only focus   you still have no possibility to buy energy
          basically by state (with the      on electricity distribution in their granted   in a PPA, but you are able to lease or rent
          exemption of a few cases where    areas. But sometimes they also supply   a part of a power plant and exchange the
          there are more than one utility   energy generation to their customers. The   energy produced in a model of kWh credit.
          company per state).               customer has the option to buy energy from
                                            another provider, but they must buy it from   Now, with the whole market opened up
                                            the utility granted company in their area.  to supply energy and monetize power
                                                                               plants, either by sale (free market) or lease
                                            Ultimately, regardless of where customers   (regulated market), our next step is to define
                                            purchase their electricity in Brazil, they are   what kind of power plant, we have to build.
                                            always charged for:                In other words, in which basket we should
                                            Electricity produced (kWh): sometimes   put our eggs.
                                            paid to the utility company, sometimes to a
                                            private power plant;               Like the old adage, put all your eggs in one
                                            Electricity distribution (kWh): always paid   basket or split them in to separate ones?
                                            to the utility company;            We believe that you should only put all your
                                            Demand (kW): always paid to the utility   eggs in one basket, when you are 100% sure
                                            company (this is for big consumers only);   of something. Considering those baskets
                                            Taxes: always paid to the utility company.  as ways to produce clean energy, how can
                                                                               we be sure of natural fluctuations if we
                                            Another little-known topic in some   are totally dependent on that to generate
                                            countries, is Demand, this is the maximum   electricity? So of course, our best option is
                                            electrical capacity in kW that your   definitely to diversify.
                                            company/house uses in a moment. Utility
                                            companies use that value to guarantee   To help us with that decision we believe the
                                            that they will have energy available for your   most reliable and sustainable electricity
                                            requirements. Only big consumers have it   production is based on these 3 pillars:
                                            in their electricity bills.        Environment, Financial and Dispatch.

                                            On the subject of big consumers, demand   We have a lot of sun in Brazil, compared
                                            is not the only difference between   to Germany, for example, the lowest solar
                                            them and small consumers. It’s only big   irradiation region in Brazil has around
                                            customers who have the option to buy   1,642 kWh/m² compared to the highest
                                            their energy from any producer, small   in Germany of 1,300 kWh/m². Sunshine
                                            consumers are obliged to buy it from the   is abundant and is a very clean way to
                                            grid/utility company.              produce energy, environmentally and
                                                                               financially great, but with a shortcoming of
                                            This division, by definition is between   dispatch.
                                            the regulated and free market. With
                                            the regulated market you always buy   Batteries can help with that short coming,
                                            energy from the utility firm and with the   but they have a low capacity for energy
                                            free market you can buy energy from   store. The most obvious solution is to use
                                            anywhere. Also, with the regulation of the   a huge battery bank that will inevitably
                                            Distributed Energy Generation market in   compromise our environment and
                                            2012 even regulated market consumers   financial pillars.
                                            can exchange their energy produced to the
                                            grid without having to pay for what they
                                            have generated.
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