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                  Community, investment

                  and sustainability

                  By Yanio Ciromin Concepción

                  A Cooperative as a socio-economic doctrine promotes the organization of people to
                  satisfy their needs together. One of its principles explicitly envisions the commitment to
                  the community, which seeks to work for a sustainable development of society through
                  policies accepted by its members.

                  Communities are the setting par excellence to    Community leadership training
                  undertake investment initiatives that guarantee   Each community is organized with a leadership
                  improvements in both the environment and people’s   structure, composed of leaders formed by Vega Real,
                  quality of life.                                 Community Leadership Training to manage and
                                                                   channel the communities’ economic, social, educational,
                  Cooperative Vega Real plans strategies and actions to   environmental, cultural and sports health needs.
                  address effective solutions to the community’s social
                  concerns. It has a community investment of an average   The cooperative has 9,708 registered leaders
                  annual figure of US$ 1,552,188.90 to mitigate the impact   distributed in 809 communities, directly serving
                  on economic, educational, social and environmental   105, 997 people.
                  development, reaching 809 communities.
                                                                   Associative development
                                                                   With technical-labor training and entrepreneurship,
                                                   1,552,188.90    people are given the opportunity to design and
                                           1,411,188.64            implement projects, providing them with the support to
                                                                   ensure economic and social feasibility.

                           1,136,422.66                            Every year people from different communities gain
                                                                   endorsement from Infotep, local universities and other
                   1,009,120.18                                    national educational institutions.

                          2012    2013    2014    2015    2016     Courses are focused on basic tasks for the rapid and
                                                                   practical development of communities, such as: pastry;
                                      _*_ US$                      hairdressing; sewing; floristry; make-up and beauty;

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