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          Planting 40,000 trees in Cocó’s Park. From left to right: Artur Bruno (environmental secretary of Ceará State); Edson Queiroz Neto (entrepreneur);
          Camilo Santana (governor of Ceará State); Pio Rodrigues (C. Rolim Engenharia’s CEO) and Roberto Claudio (mayor of Fortaleza)

          Other goals are the acquisition of materials that have less
          embodied carbon emissions, while seeking ways to diminish   C. Rolim Engenharia is a construction
          the consumption of wood, and to study and conduct the LCA   company active in the Brazilian market for
          of our buildings.
                                                                 40 years. Practitioner of the Lean Philosophy
          It is notable that the choice of the constructive typology and   since 2004, its goal is to exceed customer’s
          materials that diminish the generation of waste and the use   expectations. The company is committed
          of less humid processes is essential to reduce emissions and   to the triple bottom line (price, planet and
          waste, in addition to increasing the efficiency in production.   people), seeking the sustainable development,
          Furthermore, because of its substantial values, the Scope 3   and to “building constructions, building lives”.
          emissions should be accounted, as they are considerable in
          the civil construction industry.

          Raising awareness is fundamental to everyone: construction
          companies, government and society. We need to reduce
          environmental impacts throughout our industry to
          guarantee the preservation of the environment as well as
          collective wellbeing.

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