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                  are inefficient or harmful to the communities where   certifications and have Leadership in Environment
                  we operate. We also cannot go on only contributing   and Energy Design (LEED) accreditations for our
                  to environmental and community initiatives, as this   warehouses. We are also exploring options to make
                  is just one piece of the bigger puzzle. Making our   our Aramex fleet entirely electric. These technology-
                  businesses more lean and efficient is just as important   based initiatives have not only positively impacted the
                  as our ongoing dedication to the local environment and   environment and communities where we operate but
                  community-based initiatives.                     have made our business more sustainable.

                  And there is also a catalyst that companies can   When it comes to corporate activism, in my opinion, it’s
                  leverage to better and more quickly achieve this   all about balance. We must deploy programmes and
                  balance. As the Chief Sustainability Officer of Aramex,   initiatives that not only give back to the environment
                  I have seen first-hand the benefits digital solutions   and communities where we operate, but that help us
                  can bring to the business. We, at Aramex, fully   sustainably grow our operations. Technology will also
                  embrace this mind-set when developing programs   continue to play a fundamental role in how quickly we
                  and activities for our corporate activism platform   strike this balance and move towards a green economy.
                  ‘Delivering Good’, putting technology at the heart of   What is key is that we not only work hard to get there
                  many of our programs. For example, in recent years   but fully leverage technology in our everyday corporate
                  we have undertaken a number of technology-driven   activism practices moving forward. This will not only
                  initiatives to achieve this balance between supporting   contribute to more efficient and successful business
                  the environment and community, while also making   operations but fuel the development of our future
                  our operations more green and efficient.         green economy.

                  We are currently in the process of making most of our
                  facilities entirely powered by solar technology. This
                  has already been completed in Amman, Jordan, and
                  we recently launched a similar project in Dubai. We
                  continue to adopt global best practices in environment

                    Since its foundation in 1982, Aramex has grown to become a world leader in
                    comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions recognized for its customized
                    services and innovative products for businesses and consumers. Our breadth of
                    services includes International and Domestic Express Delivery, Freight Forwarding,
                    Logistics and Supply Chain Management, e-Commerce and Record Management.

                    We currently have business operations in over 567 cities across 69 countries worldwide
                    and employ over 17,000 transportation professionals.

                    We live in an era where technology transforms and influences our daily lives more
                    than ever before. As a result, technological innovation is critical to our success. We are
                    strategically leveraging technology in a variety of ways, acquiring or partnering with
                    domestic-focused logistics companies that have strong local networks, for better and
                    more efficient last-mile delivery solutions. This approach has significant benefits, and
                    that’s why we consider ourselves a technology-driven enterprise, selling transportation
                    and logistics solutions without owning heavy assets. We also believe that investing in
                    technologies in the field of e-Commerce is key to moving goods and services efficiently
                    and maintaining our market leading position.
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