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       Construction industry’s

       paths and challenges towards

       a sustainable future

       By Petrônio Braz Junior, Construtora Queiroz Galvão National CEO

       Construtora Queiroz Galvão Brasil combines economic development and environmental
       preservation in one of the most complex engineering projects in Brazil.

       Performing complex engineering projects combining   the developer an appointment to the ECO Amcham
       population quality of life, economic development and   & Estadão Award, Brazil’s most traditional seal of
       environment preservation is the great challenge for   corporate sustainability, created in recognition of
       Construtora Queiroz Galvão Brasil (CQG) in major   companies with business models that combine profit
       engineering projects. Historically associated with   and social responsibility.
       high consumption of natural resources and energy,
       the industry begins to incorporate concepts of   The reduction of impacted areas began during
       sustainable construction into the productive chain. We   engineering studies and assessments in April 2015. The
       are overcoming cost, infrastructure and technology   suppression areas are located within an Atlantic Forest
       challenges to become a global benchmark in green   Conservation Unit, the Serra do Mar State Park, a region
       building. Our projects respect the harmony among   of marked topography and difficult access. The CQG
       economic, social and environmental sustainability,   provided a multidisciplinary team of professionals to
       having construction and the environment working   verify impact assessment. The work group carries out
       together for innovation, job creation and income.  topographic and geological surveys, field inspections,
                                                        recognition of obstacles to engineering, as well as studies
       A good example of these new practices is the     of local fauna and flora. The goal is to understand the
       duplication of the Tamoios Highway, on the North   region as much as possible in order to use the most
       Coast of São Paulo, where CQG has committed to   appropriate engineering solutions and to promote good
       reduce cutting areas and removal of vegetation, the   sustainability practices. The group’s progress in the
       so-called suppression areas. The initiative earned   region has already reached 70%.
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