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       Lean, green, quality

       building machine

       We are currently living in a civilizational impasse due to a development model that
       is quickly destroying the planet’s natural resources on an unprecedented scale with
       negative impacts to people’s quality of life. Nowadays production and consumption
       constitute the sustentation for this model, where the focus is maximising profits, with
       the understanding that nature is an inexhaustible source of raw material and energy.

       Sustainability is the fundamental principle of   The pillar “BIM” symbolizes the search for technical
       intelligent management, where the expected results   innovation throughout the entire life cycle.
       are not only the financial side, but the triple bottom
       line, where we have three pillars: economic, social   The pillar “Life” is a reference to the quality of
       and environmental.                            life of our collaborators and workplace safety. It
                                                     encompasses a series of actions that are aimed at
       C. Rolim Engenharia has been active in the civil   the loyalty of the internal client.
       construction industry in Brazil in favour of a more
       conscientious world, where the question is:   The third pillar is the green philosophy. The
       “Is it necessary to destroy in order to build?” Of course   predisposition to this green philosophy has its seeds
       not. The path to sustainable construction is the   in the passion of our president and his collaborators.
       unification of “lean” and “green”. So, let us be “lean”   In 2009, the program Green Commitment was
       and “green” as nature is, because the flora takes   created. The program consisted of planting one
       from the environment only what it needs, in other   tree in a public space for each square meter of
       words, every plant is born lean.              land acquired, in order to increase our planet’s
                                                     afforestation. Even without knowing the concepts
       At the centre of our management model we      and politics established about the management of
       have the Lean Philosophy, based on the Toyota   emissions back then, our first initiative was to reduce
       Production System.                            the environmental impact of our activities. This
                                                     project was awarded regionally and nationally.

                                                     In 2014, we certified the first residential building in
                                                     Brazil with LEED for core & Shell, and the first building
                         LIFE                        with the energy efficiency label of “Brasil PBE Edifica
                                                     nível A”. In 2015, we published our first report within
                                                     the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, and
                                                     started to make carbon offsets.

                                                     This year, to celebrate the company’s 40th
                                                     anniversary and as a way to improve our planet’s
                       LEAN                          arborisation, C. Rolim Engenharia is going to plant
                                                     40,000 trees in the biggest park in Fortaleza.

                                                     To reduce waste and improve the management
          BIM                         GREEN          of solid, liquid and gaseous effluents of civil
                                                     construction, C. Rolim Engenharia developed a
                                                     program of carbon management with established
                                                     goals, such as the industrialization of the processes
                                                     in construction with technology, reduction of solid
                                                     waste, water consumption, energy use, vegetal
                                                     suppression and fuel consumption, in addition to
       Figure 1 - C. Rolim Engenharia’s management model  making all the carbon offsets.
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