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                  Shifting to a green

                  economy – it’s all about

                  striking a balance

                  By Raji Hattar, Chief Sustainability Officer at Aramex

                  Over the past ten years, we have seen a change in the way corporates view sustainability.
                  In the old days, corporate activism was traditionally seen as a way to give back to the
                  local community or support environmentally friendly initiatives. Organizing philanthropic
                  activities such as employee volunteering programmes or donating to charities, broadly
                  captured how these companies approached corporate activism. But with business dynamics
                  changing, and some companies beginning to look for new ways of enhancing performance,
                  corporate activism is taking on a different role within these companies. Rather than being
                  seen as only geared towards environmental and community development, corporate
                  activism is becoming viewed as a strategic investment for business development.

                  What has facilitated this shift? In my opinion, there are   specifications in 2011, making it mandatory for any
                  four main drivers.                               new government building to abide by these codes.
                                                                   The government also recently announced its plans for
                  First, staying in business. Regulations are raising   a new federal environmental legislation, allowing the
                  the bar when it comes to environmental protection,   Ministry of Environment and Water to directly impose
                  and companies must find solutions to reduce their   penalties on polluters and implement recycling and
                  carbon footprint if they want to stay in business. In   waste reforms. Therefore, for corporates to stay in
                  the United Arab Emirates, for example, Abu Dhabi   business, they must become more environmentally
                  introduced new laws in 2009 requiring all new building   friendly. This is a trend that will only continue to grow
                  developments to adhere to green building codes.   as governments around the world introduce more
                  Dubai Municipality also introduced its green buildings   environment-based laws.

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