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                   Construtora Queiroz Galvão gave rise to one of the largest business conglomerates in
                   Latin America: the Queiroz Galvão Group. There’s more than 60 years of history, marked
                   by the effective contribution for the growth of Brazil. With a focus on sustainable
                   business development, Construtora Queiroz Galvão offers innovative solutions for
                   engineering works with a high degree of complexity. The quality of the works, together
                   with the commitment to the deliveries of the projects, made the company a national and
                   international reference in engineering solutions.

                  Our team had to find an innovative strategy to   Most of PESM has areas with vegetation cover and
                  facilitate access to the forest without compromising   preserved ecosystems. There are also several sections
                  native vegetation. The constant rainfall and the   near human habitations, featuring a number of impact
                  heavy fog prevent the transport of equipment by   restrictions on the population.
                  helicopter, making the task even more challenging. Our
                  research has resulted in the choice of Cable Crane, an   The company expects that sustainable practices
                  unprecedented technology in Brazil that uses cables,   are replicated by other organizations. To this end,
                  winches and tools, which is similar to a cable car for   we have adopted a new management tool, which
                  passengers and freight. The choice of this engineering   is a digital platform for archiving the licensing
                  solution eliminated the need for new interventions in   processes to disclose environmental indices and
                  native vegetation areas. The innovation suspended   disseminate good practices. Within the Queiroz
                  earthworks with excavations in soil and rock located in   Galvão Group, this process serves as a reference
                  areas susceptible to erosion and landslides.     for projects implementation. In the scope of large
                                                                   public construction projects, this initiative will serve
                  The reduction of the suppression areas and the   as an example of good project management and also
                  implementation of Cable Crane will represent savings of   implementation of environmental improvements.
                  approximately R$300,000 in the final cost of the work.
                  The benefits, however, cannot be assessed solely on the
                  financial prism. The initiative shows the commitment
                  of the Construction Company to the environment.
                  We face all the challenges of setting up a highway in
                  the Serra do Mar State Park (PESM), a Conservation
                  Unit, where the basic objective is to preserve nature.

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