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           Offering solutions in renewable
           energy, finance and technology,                                           
           so you can invest in what really

          In Brazil, our farms (cattle, pigs and chicken)   Tillage / Farming
          are full of manure, alcohol production                       Gas Storage             Solar Power
          plants are full of vinasse, a lot of organic     Biofertilizer                         Plant    Electric
          waste and landfill. On one hand, a perfect         Storage                                      Energy
          scenario for biogas production, on the other
          hand we solve the environmental problem                                     Gasometer    Inverter
          of the emissivity of that waste, but mainly
          we solve the problem of dispatch: biogas   Manure  Primary
          has a high capacity to store energy, but it         Pit
          unfortunately has a slow discharge time.                     Biodigester
                                                                                        Gas Motor
          So batteries fit perfectly here, they have a   Pruning
          low capacity for energy storage, but with      Waste         and Slurry
          a fast discharge time. To supply electricity                                       Generator
          quickly, in an eventual small lack of energy,
          either on a cloudy day or a low biogas
          production day, as you can see, in the   First stage of storage: Batteries, low   2)  Financial reliability: you can produce
          charts below:                     capacity for energy store, but fast discharge   energy at the time of consumer
                                            time.                                consumption demand, reducing the
                                                                                 exposure of the consumer on the spot
                       Sunny Day
                                            Second stage of storage: Biogas, high   market, with better revenue prediction.
                                            capacity for energy store, but slow
                                            discharge time.                    3)  Demand fee reduction: for Brazilian
                                                                                 utility companies, we have to pay a
                                            Therefore, combining biogas, solar and   demand fee, equivalent of the capacity
         Battery  00:00             23:00   batteries is the perfect fit for environment,   of the power plant, so the bigger the
                                            financial and dispatch.              power plant’s capacity, the more you
                                                                                 pay. Combining biogas, with the capacity
                    Cloudy/Rainy Day
                                            Financially we have a lot of advantages by   factor, your demand fee will be always
                                            using this system to supply energy:  lower compared to a pure solar or pure
                                                                                 wind power plant.
                                            1)  More energy produced: obviously the
                                              more energy you produce, the more   4)  Timing: you can choose to produce
                                              energy you sell/lease and the more   energy at the time it is more expensive,
             00:00                  23:00
         Battery                              revenue you make.                  which consequently will increase your

                   Low Biogas Generation

                                                Alexandria Hybrid                               Grid/Utility
                                                   Power Plant

                                                               PPA/Leasing             Energy


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