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           MQDC development featuring Internet of
           Things technologies to curb energy use

          MQDC’s specific route is a structure and culture that   Cutting-edge energy-saving features in MQDC developments
          prioritizes the planet as well as prosperity. Its guiding   include a system to harvest energy from footfalls on
          concept, which we call ‘sustainnovation’, encompasses care   a ‘skywalk’ linking the mixed-use project to the public
          for society, the environment, well-being and health, in line   transport network. Based on research into the psychological
          with UN sustainability goals.                        drivers of energy use, residents in the project’s condos
                                                               will also be nudged to curb their power consumption with
          Sustainnovation involves identifying needs, through insights   information and control capabilities provided by sensors,
          from psychology or other research fields. We then look to   remote management devices, and the Internet of Things.
          nurture or create the human ‘ecosystems’ that can supply
          these requirements over the long term.               In line with our belief in applying and diffusing advanced
                                                               technology and innovation, MQDC has funded a research
          A comprehensive application of this approach is a    base in Bangkok that is accessible to the public and our
          development underway on the outskirts of Bangkok.    peers. The Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center
          Planned as Thailand’s first zero-waste property development   (RISC) holds, along with extensive testing facilities, a
          on this scale, the harmonized forest and urban living site will   repository of eco-materials for construction.
          feature a series of technologies and strategies aligned with
          our commitment to the well-being of all living beings.  Sustainnovation, by requiring such measures, serves future,
                                                               hidden stakeholder needs. But it can also raise awareness
          We envision that, with proper planning, city life can be   of sustainable living. A key route here is to encourage long-
          greatly enhanced. For much of the developing world, one of   term thinking and accountability, which is why we offer for
          the key requirements is to create cooler environments and   all our projects a warranty of 30 years.
          curb power consumption. In urban areas, for example, air-
          conditioners consume much of domestic electricity demand.   While MQDC wants its projects to have a direct positive
          And in areas where forest cover has been removed, the   impact, the true measure of success is whether we
          urban heat island effect can drive up consumption by raising   are contributing to a wider shift in society. Property
          night time temperatures.                             developments in the markets where we operate are, in fact,
                                                               moving towards more sustainable approaches. For MQDC,
          MQDC is addressing these issues with a versatile response   this is an encouraging sign that our approach is viable and
          across its projects. We are applying traditional local wisdom,   sustainable in commercial as well as social terms.
          such as by orienting houses for shade and wind. And we are
          also broadening access to innovative technologies such as
          advanced district cooling and systems that combine high air
          quality with energy recovery.

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