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                                                                 Investment in the communities:
       upholstery; plumbing, residential electricity; natural
       food; aquaponics and aquaculture; bakery and fish         Congress Environment
       breeding in fresh water, among others.                    "Crisis of water and water sources"
                                                                 Cleaning and seeding days in the
       Resources required for these courses are completely       7 provinces where we aect, in
       provided by the Cooperative, including participants’      deforested areas and aected areas
       transportation, food and travel.                          Recycling education

       Financial education                                       Donation of ecological Garbage to schools
       Education in saving, personal finance, family values,     Ecological sensitization talks, courses and
       gender equality and personal safety provides positive     Workshops in communities and schools
       outcomes for members which in turn influences their
       family and communities.                               Environmental  responsibility  Preservation and conservation
                                                                 "Loma Miranda, National Park"
       To guarantee peace and tranquility in the communities,    Struggle for the non-exploitation of this mountain
       groups of neighbors attend social initiatives which       Rescue, protection, care and
       educate and advise them, along with creating bonds        preservation of the low basins of the
       of solidarity these initiative also help prevent and fight   Camu River and its tributaries
       crime in their territories.
                                                                 Walk for health and the environment
       Support to community service institutions
       Support for institutions of common welfare services       Sponsorship of green areas
       seeks to mutually benefit people in communities.          and Life Forests in communities
       The economic and moral collaboration to Geriatric
       Centers, Rehabilitation Center, Civil Defense, Red Cross
       and Firemen strengthen the values of cooperation,
       teamwork and union.

       The Cooperative offers young people opportunities to
       be involved too. They are able to develop leadership
       skills, assigning them responsibilities in Youth
       Congresses, Summer Educational Camps, and Ecological
       Camps in national parks across the country, as well as
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