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       Holistic approaches

       for sustainable homes

       Nurturing a corporate focus on overall well-being can unlock carbon savings in
       urban environments, according to the property development arm of DT Group of
       Companies (DTGO).

       For achieving more sustainable environments, there   organization set up in 1993 as a charity but now
       are advantages to being a property developer based   active in architecture, design, sourcing, trading and
       in an emerging megacity such as Bangkok. Cities   property development.
       already contribute 70% of greenhouse gas emissions
       and the creation of ever-larger urban areas could   All these companies dedicate 2% of their revenue
       deepen their negative impact.                 to charities, in the areas of education, health, and
                                                     the environment. In its charitable contributions, for
       But in most cities, the property development   example, DTGO is a substantial donor to Bhutan for
       sector can greatly contribute to combating climate   Life, set up by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF),
       change. Not least, the industry can play a leading   this initiative aims to preserve unique Himalayan
       role in curbing the surge in carbon emissions that   habitats and support their inhabitants’ livelihoods.
       could follow economic development and changing
       lifestyles.                                   DTGO’s donations are also helping address
                                                     social deprivation through supporting education
       Against this backdrop, the developer Magnolia   programs in Hong Kong and Thailand. In particular,
       Quality Development Corporation (MQDC) is one   the group is funding teachers and vocational
       of the many actors endeavoring to introduce   training in remote country locations and in
       more socially and environmentally conscientious   deprived inner-city neighborhoods.
       approaches to urbanization.
                                                     But DTGO seeks to make its greatest contribution
       MQDC is the property development company      through its business activities, which are chiefly in
       within the DT Group of Companies (DTGO), an   property development, through MQDC.

       DTGO’s description of ‘Sustainnovation’
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