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                   AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of
                   specialty chemicals. We supply industries and consumers worldwide with innovative
                   products and are passionate about developing sustainable answers for our customers.
                   Our portfolio includes well-known brands such as Dulux, Sikkens, International and
                   Eka. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we are consistently ranked as one
                   of the leaders in the area of sustainability. With operations in more than 80 countries,
                   our 47,000 people around the world are committed to delivering leading products and
                   technologies to meet the growing demands of our fast-changing world.

                  surface that allows rain to spread readily on the surface,   strong nationwide campaign called “Swachh Bharat
                  under the dirt, suspend it and wash it away.     Abhiyan” to promote public cleanliness at all of its cities
                                                                   and towns. AkzoNobel’s super-hydrophobic coating is
                  Stay-clean façade delivered through              an innovative solution to address such needs. It can
                  Superhydrophobicity                              protect walls by resisting the adhesion of urine, spit
                  Alternatively, a façade that stays clean can also be   and other stains, thereby deterring public urination
                  delivered via super-hydrophobicity. To this end,   and spitting. In line with our Human Cities initiative,
                  AkzoNobel is developing an extremely water-repellent   our innovation has vast potential to help transform and
                  coating with inherently low surface energy, enhanced   maintain the cleanliness of urban areas, providing the
                  by multi-scale surface topography. In essence, water   communities with more liveable neighbourhoods and
                  beads form and roll off easily, or simply do not stick at   inspiring surroundings.
                  all, on the coating. Owing to the extreme resistance to
                  rain, mud, stains and dirt, the coated surface will stay   Keeping pace with new trends in construction:
                  dry and clean. This new technology will help urban   increase productivity and sustainability
                  communities reduce their environmental footprint   Compared to other industries, the buildings and infra-
                  through significant reduction in the energy and   structure sectors has seen much slower increases
                  chemical detergents used in building maintenance.   in productivity and have been slower to adopt new
                  This is particularly important for fast-growing cities in   technologies. However, major transformations are
                  emerging markets populated with high-rise residential   now happening. Prefabrication and modularization are
                  and commercial buildings.                        now playing an increasing important role in shaping
                                                                   the evolution of the construction industry; as driven
                  For many cities around the world, for example San   by cost, schedule, safety and environmental benefits.
                  Francisco and Paris, it remains a perennial challenge to   Project schedules can be made more productive with
                  keep public places clean and the walls away from such   shorter site-built construction time and less weather
                  abuses as public urination and spitting. In particular, in   delays, leading to significant labour cost reduction.
                  its fervent pursuit to embrace the issue as a national   Work sites safety is also improved with fewer weather-
                  agenda, the Government of India has embarked on an   related complications and less work at heights.

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