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                  offering them programs of summer work. Vega Real
                  operates a scholarship program for young people with   Cooperativa Vega Real, Inc. is an
                  school merits who have limited resources to carry out   institution of savings, credits and multiple
                  their university career, at no cost to the student.  services, founded on November 7, 1982, in
                                                                     La Vega, Dominican Republic.
                  Facing health situations is a constant concern for the   As a leading cooperative, made up of
                  most deprived people of the communities, especially   a family of 105,000 members, we work
                  when they are not beneficiaries of government      under an ethical, efficient, ecological,
                  programs. We offer primary health care in the      educational and solidarity management,
                  communities, bringing health care professionals to   certified with the Norm ISO 9001.
                  perform medical operations, ophthalmology and
                  dentistry, as well as giving lectures on illness prevention.


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